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Our Story

Most may not realize it, but campus ministry has a precedent established in the Bible. Long before there were school mascots, degree plans, and bad cafeteria food, students were gathering in places of higher education to learn and discuss differing philosophies of the times. In Acts 19, we read of one such institution called “the school of one Tyrannus.” History reveals that this first century “school” was a lecture hall of some kind. During the day, it would have been used to host the typical classes but at night it could be reserved for other purposes. It is here, on this campus, that we find the apostle Paul “disputing” (teaching, discussing, conversing) daily with students who were eager to learn about the Gospel. Because of Paul’s efforts to teach and train students on that campus who had come from all over the continent, “all they which dwelt in Asia heard the word of the Lord Jesus, both Jews and Greeks” (Acts 19:10). Today, the potential of campus ministry remains the same. When we reach our campuses, we reach our world.

Since its inception in 1990, CMI has sought to provide the framework and resources necessary for local Apostolic churches and students to reach one of the most untapped mission fields in North America. With nearly 22 million college students walking the halls of over 4400 campuses, there is an open door for increased evangelistic efforts that bring the Gospel message to these hungry students.


You can make a difference whether you are a student or not. Whether you are single, married, old, or young; your prayer, worship, evangelism, and discipleship matter. We hope that the burden of campus ministry falls on everyone in your local church, and as a team, we can bring the kingdom of God to our campuses and see many souls saved!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions 

How Do I advertise on-campus and on social media ?

Check out your local Student Services Center or Student Union to know how to legally advertise on campus. Usually its just getting your flyer approved with a stamp. Its a quick and easy Process. 

Also remember to utilize your social media too to advertise. The majority of students are on social media – great way to connect with them!

If I want to have a training session in my region, who do I contact?

Contact your local Regional GCM Director: 

Euro – Dennis Uecker 

Pacific – Stephen Merritt 

South America – Luke Campbell 

Africa – Chris Gibbs 

Can I have a GCM event though I am the only Apostolic on Campus ?


Check out our GCM Start-Up Guide on what steps to take to start your own GCM, even if you are the only apostolic on-campus!


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